After seeing Doja Cat’s current merchandise, I was disappointed in what her team offered. Her persona has many aspects, including cartoonish makeup, bright colors, ’90s skater and rap culture, 2000s punk rock, R&B singers, and Japan’s Harajuku culture. None of these apects of her persona are currently represented in her merchandise or logo. Redesigning her logo and her merchandise, I wanted to highlight elements of her persona and herself as an artist. When exploring both designs, I kept the mindset of “Would I wear this?” as well as representing Doja Cat accurately. With bright colors that relate to her debut album Hot Pink and imagery of “Doja Cat”, I created a very modern and funky design.

Doja Cat PinsDoja Cat T-Shirt Design One Doja Cat T-Shirt Design TwoDoja Cat Sweatshirt Design OneDoja Cat Sweatshirt Design Two Pink Doja Cat Box Purple Doja Cat BoxStreets Bucket HatHot Pink Bucket Hat